The Final Four: Your Game-Winning Plan for Energy Savings

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 Posted by Katie Delaune
As we head into the Final Four tournament, we have a game-winning plan that will help you reduce energy usage and earn money back in your pocket. For sports enthusiasts, we often hear the best offense is a good defense, so when it comes to helping customers, we offer some resources and tools.

1.) First, make your playbook.
Every sports team runs from a well-thought-out playbook.  Identify your strong points, and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Similarly, develop a plan to start saving energy at home.  Start your plan by making your roster – think about your team players, including everyone within your household who is using energy; take a look at your habits and how you’re using energy; and lastly, make a list of the available resources you can call on for help, like our energy efficiency programs.

We offer the Online Home Energy Analysis for customers who want recommendations to save energy.  In about ten minutes, customers can log in to their online account and answer a series of questions about their home. Based on their home’s actual energy usage, they will receive a detailed report with recommendations and tips to make their home 10% more energy efficient. 

2.) Give yourself the home-court advantage. 

Get started on your plan today.  Customers can sign up for our Demand Conservation Program and earn energy bill credits from June through September for participating in our program. Start your summer on the right foot, knowing that you’ll be earning energy bill credits this summer by participating in our program.  

3.) Don’t leave your best players on the bench.

Have you purchased a new ENERGY STAR® certified dishwasher?  Plan to replace your air conditioner before the summer temperatures set in?  Don’t forget LG&E and KU customers who purchase qualifying energy-efficient products and appliances may be eligible for Home Energy Rebates, ranging from $50 - $300. Whether you have purchased a qualifying product or you plan to upgrade soon, make sure you’re not leaving your rebate on the bench.

4.) Cut your losses when you have to.

On game days, an extra refrigerator may come in handy for the crowd gathered in your living room rallying for the “big win.”  But, that same extra refrigerator chugging around the clock may be using nearly two times the amount of energy, when compared to today’s more energy-efficient ENERGY STAR certified models.
Through LG&E and KU’s Fridge and Freezer Recycling Program, a trained collection team will haul away and properly recycle the appliance, and in return, customers will receive a check for $50.  

5.) Go for the full-court press.

Take advantage of LG&E and KU’s full portfolio of energy efficiency programs.  Customers who participate in our programs can put as much as $1,700 back in their pockets.  Now that’s a game-winning plan to help manage your energy usage and earn money back for your energy-efficient upgrades.  

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